Those arriving in Cansiglio for the first time will marvel at the striking scenery. The road into the Cansiglio plain is lined with beeches, firs and rolling pastures. Due to the particular microclimate and thermal inversions, the vegetation does not resemble the flora found in other local areas, making Cansiglio even more interesting to visit. A walk through the woods offers glimpses of rare plants, beeches and conifers such as spruces and white firs.

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The abundant snowfalls in Cansiglio provide a wide range of winter activities for outdoor enthusiasts. There are easy paths for walking or snowshoeing and harder climbs for ski mountaineering. Both residents of the area and tourists partake in annual winter events and excursions.

From mid-September to mid-October, the annual mating season begins for the deer that inhabit the woods of Cansiglio. The deep verse, almost a wild cry, spreads throughout the plain, especially at dusk when the deer come out of the forest to go to the pastures. This phenomenon attracts naturalists and enthusiasts to Cansiglio; however, visitors need to respect this natural event and tread lightly as the deer will not leave the forest if they sense the presence of humans.

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