History and values

After a lifetime spent travelling and working around the world, Carlo De Conz returned to where he spent his childhood – San Gregorio nelle Alpi. Mr De Conz founded The Lucia De Conz Foundation in memory of his mother; the original De Conz family homes and the surrounding grounds became the headquarters of this family foundation.
As a life-long, passionate student of philosophy and music, Carlo wanted to offer the facilities at the Foundation for educational activities and international exchanges.

Friends of the Foundation

Whoever finds a friend, finds a treasure; this saying is not only famous but also true. Your help and support will ensure the future of the Lucia De Conz Foundation.

After-school program

The Foundation hosts an after-school service, in collaboration with the Società Nuova social cooperative, the town administration of San Gregorio nelle Alpi and the G. Rodari scholastic institution in Santa Giustina.


Where we are

The names of the peaks overlooking Villa Lucia and Casa Coste may be less well-known, but the beauty and panoramas of these Dolomite Mountains are no less striking.

News & Events

News Chamber Music Dolomiti returns to the Lucia De Conz Foundation in July
The public is invited to five concerts offered by both the teachers and participants
Events The first edition of the American Musical Theatre Workshop
This workshop was the first of many cultural events and workshops planned for 2023!
News Inauguration of Casa Coste’s three new multipurpose rooms
At the end of the renovation, we inaugurated new classrooms and rooms to host events and workshops