“The strongest emotions I had as a child are tied to the land where I was born, the Belluno valley, the wild mountains that surround it and the nearby Dolomites.”

Dino Buzzati, 1960


These places continue to leave potent, majestic impressions even years after the great author Buzzati wrote these words.
Our story starts here, in San Gregorio nelle Alpi, a typical Italian village that is the starting point of amazing outdoor adventures. Located at the heart of the Belluno Dolomites National Park, the Foundation is overlooked by Mount Pizzocco, which is one of most loved and recognisable peaks in the province of Belluno.


The views from Mount Pizzocco are truly breathtaking, but the steep climb might not be for everyone. Fortunately, there are easy walks and hikes throughout San Gregorio: grassy paths, rolling hills and woody trails are ideal places to discover the local flora and fauna, enjoy a family hike or go mountain biking.
The common values of this area – the importance of popular traditions, the respect for nature and the willingness to share and care for others – have created a strong sense of community.
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News & Events

News Chamber Music Dolomiti returns to the Lucia De Conz Foundation in July
The public is invited to five concerts offered by both the teachers and participants
Events The first edition of the American Musical Theatre Workshop
This workshop was the first of many cultural events and workshops planned for 2023!
News Inauguration of Casa Coste’s three new multipurpose rooms
At the end of the renovation, we inaugurated new classrooms and rooms to host events and workshops
Events Francesco Santosuosso’s exhibit ‘Imagined Landscapes’
Visit the exhibition, open to all and free of charge, by scheduling an appointment