Do you need to organise a team-building event, a course, a workshop or a conference? The Lucia De Conz Foundation offers a beautiful location and excellent services.
Companies, associations, schools and individuals can rent our multifunctional spaces, book our rooms and organise meals during their stay.
We can work together to organise your event, listening carefully to your needs and personalising the offer. The spaces are quiet and well-equipped for meetings. They can be rented for singular occasions or for extended periods of time. Free private parking is available onsite.

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MULTIMEDIA CLASSROOMS FOR COURSES & EVENTS completely renovated in 2023!

The 3 classrooms of Casa Coste were renovated and modernized in 2023 to host events, courses, conferences and activities. These new spaces are available throughout the year, for single days or longer periods, and all are equipped with free Wi-Fi. Upon request, our staff members can prepare are serve meals, coffee breaks and refreshments in the dining hall next to Casa Coste.

Accommodation in Casa Coste or Villa Lucia is always available for Foundation guests and course participants, and the Foundation is an ideal location for events or activities lasting several days.

Daily fee* for the rental of the multimedia classrooms:

Pizzocco Hall, 104 m2, max 70 people: from €60 to €150

Palmar Room, 49 m2, max 22 people: from €30 to €75

Piave Room, 44 m2, max 22 people: from €30 to €75

*Heating, projector and audio: additional cost


During the school year, Arcadia is home to the Opplà after-school program, which is run by the Social Cooperative ‘Società Nuova’. However, the structure can be rented during the weekends and in the summer months. It is a bright, airy building – the ideal place for art classes, children’s summer camps, and small events (maximum capacity 20/25 people).

There are 2 classrooms, each 31 m2, plus an additional small, 26m2 classroom, and all classrooms open directly onto the Foundation’s grounds.

Upon request, it is also possible to take advantage of the Foundation’s dining service; meals, coffee breaks and refreshments can be prepared by our staff and served in our dining hall.

Daily fee for the rental of the Arcadia structure: from €30 to €75


If you need a quiet, beautiful place to organize a course or an event, Villa Lucia’s elegant and functional living room is the ideal space for you.

Daily rental fee for Villa Lucia’s living room: from €20 to €40


Would you like a personalized quote? Contact us, we are happy to work with you to create an offer that fits the needs of your event as well as your budget!

News & Events

News Chamber Music Dolomiti returns to the Lucia De Conz Foundation in July
The public is invited to five concerts offered by both the teachers and participants
Events The first edition of the American Musical Theatre Workshop
This workshop was the first of many cultural events and workshops planned for 2023!
News Inauguration of Casa Coste’s three new multipurpose rooms
At the end of the renovation, we inaugurated new classrooms and rooms to host events and workshops
Events Francesco Santosuosso’s exhibit ‘Imagined Landscapes’
Visit the exhibition, open to all and free of charge, by scheduling an appointment