Written from the heart. De Martin Wines:

Our wines are natural, produced with only wild yeasts and very few sulphites. In the vineyard, we practice organic farming methods.
Do not expect classic wines; ours are not distorted, altered or exploited, nothing is added to make them ‘crowd pleasers’.

They are mountain wines that interpret our territory.

In the glass you will find a slight acidity, sapidity and fresh aromas; characteristics that are synonymous with this territory and its temperatures and typical of mountain grapes.
You will find light wines, pleasantly simple. For us, simplicity is perceived as a precious achievement!

In a world where one adds and alters, we let nature and the grapes in the glass evolve and speak.
Each year – depending on the weather, the harvesting of the grapes and the season – the glass of wine will be different.
And this is the beauty. We need to get used to such variations and accept them willingly; nothing in nature is constant, it is a continuous evolution.

Mindful of the fact that we never stop growing and learning, we try to accompany our wines with love from the vineyard to the glass.
Before tasting, please take a moment, let the wines settle, listen to them. Then, we wish you a good wine-tasting journey – welcome to our land and welcome to the Belluno Dolomites.

From our hearts, ‘cheers’ and see you soon!
Giulia and Adriano

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