Artistic objects, architecture, applied arts and urban spaces are aesthetically pleasing but can also be narrative pieces of history. They are the memories that allow us to revisit history and relive past events.

An Art Historian and a lifetime resident of Venice, Giovanna Fornasiero offers lessons and guided visits to guests of the Lucia De Conz Foundation. Professor Giovanna Fornasiero will teach various courses during 2021 including:

  • The Scrovegni Chapel by 14th-century painter Giotto in Padova: Autumn 2021
  • Renaissance Architect Andrea Palladio and the Villa Barbaro in Maser: Autumn 2021
  • Lessons about the history and art of Venice: October 2021

All programmed courses at the Foundation will be held in Italian, but we can organise classes and guided visits for our foreign guests upon request. Please visit the page “Customized Lessons and Guided Visits with Professor Giovanna Fornasiero” for more information.